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Welcome to 4 Ewe Farm, Sheep and Wool Products Miniature Cheviots

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Welcome to 4 Ewe Farm


  We raise Miniature Cheviot Sheep. The reasons Miniature Cheviots have become my focus? One look at that face says it all, JOY! What a pleasure these sheep are to have around the farm. Miniature Cheviots are a hardy sheep, independent, intelligent and very entertaining. They also support my addiction for wool. Fleece to touch, to felt, to braid, to process, to share. The wool is very springy, soft, and luxurious to the touch. I find the Miniature Cheviot the best yet in dealing with my allergies. So far, I’ve had no reaction to these Miniature Cheviots. I believe the low-grease fleece is why. These sheep offer great fiber; are fast growing for meat and have amazing grazing capabilities. They help clear wood/brush lots for new pasture on our farm with their vigorous browsing habits; mow around the fruit trees and garden paths; keeping the fields lush with fertilizing. Because of their size, they are easily managed; the adults can simply be lifted and carried to where you want them. Only 18 to 22 inches tall and 50 to 100 pounds they are easily handled. Shearing, whether with electric clippers or hand shears is a breeze with their lovely fleece. The lambing process for the Miniature Cheviot ewe is easily handled without any assistance. They are very protective mothers. My rams are social and friendly; they show no aggression to each other, people or the dogs. Although at times cautious, the Miniature Cheviot is curious, and can be very friendly. Whether for show or fiber or pet; a Miniature Cheviot is an excellent choice. Experience joy by including a Miniature Cheviot on your farm, you won’t be disappointed.     �zk7Z:

The Farm


  I hope you enjoy my photos and my rambling on about the farm. For me, there never seems to be enough time for sheep, anything sheep, or anything farm, ever. To read or talk about sheep, wool or farming, my curiosity is endless in all that is farm. We have interest in all farm critters but because of our farm size, we have had to make choices that best suit the land available to us. This is small scale farming. We are trying to get as much as we can off the land responsibly and in turn, give back to it. Our farm believes in recycle, reuse and reduce. This has become a way of life for our family now. Providing the grandchildren with farm experiences, both plant and animal, has become very important to me. For me, animals are a great way to experience love, responsibility, hard work and sometimes, even loss. The satisfaction of having the pantry filled with home grown, chemical free food is such a relief, and a sense of accomplishment. When the grandchildren see the results of their planting and harvesting they feel success and pride in a job well done. The sheep are my primary focus. Although our mini farm is home to our much loved Russian Honey Bees, seasonally we may have chickens, turkeys and pigs. We’ve raised a few Herefords in the past and thoroughly enjoyed their sense of play and interaction. The farm overseers are our three busy cats and three large dogs. The farm also has a collection of antique tractors, sometimes used on the farm, sometimes used as play items for the grandchildren. We are in the process of establishing a mini orchard, just enough to support the family. Growing dwarf fruit trees on trellis forms, espalier; Apple, Pear, Plum, along with Almond and Walnut. Our garden has blueberry trees and strawberry beds, with raised bed vegetable garden made from recycled pallets and filled with manure compost. We have perennial flower gardens for the bees and of course, for lovely color, which in turn gives me felting inspiration. With much gratitude to our family, from my husband and me, the farm is definitely an adventure which occasionally requires help from our grown children. With communal cooperation, we all reap the benefits.  

Minature Cheviot Sheep & Scotch Collies


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